@VpopFan Looks likely like a flop. They debuted with no buzz and attention. Not even with a MV. I think D1Verse from RBW has a bigger chance to success than them. They are dong vlogs and dance covers to connect with their fans. While this CZB group hasn’t done anything.


If SNSD had at least made that random switch a drop, it could have been better, but even then the change doesn’t seem to belong in the song.
I also remember in “Ngày Mai Em Đi,” the first time I ever listened to the 2017 remix I thought the bass would drop again. I love the song enough without a second drop, especially with the guitar being so good, but I was a little disappointed.
And the Masew mix of “Đường Một Chiều.” Transitioning to the rap section of the song, I sort of thought that the bass was going to drop despite there not being enough build-up for it to be proper, but thank GOD the drop that came after the rap. It was so good. I had to adjust a little to the next drop because it was the complete opposite of what I expected, but I love both drops equally (for the most part) now.
I bet there are a few more examples I should know about that I didn’t mention here, particularly because I’ve listened to examples of drop fakers that were much more vicious than the examples I remembered, but oh well. Hopefully I remember them later, if ever.
I don’t draft these paragraphs like at all forgive me


Hoang Thuy Linh Tu Phu

Once again Vpop artist Hoàng Thuỳ Linh has taken inspiration from ancient Vietnamese folklore to create a contemporary Vpop song that I can only describe as a true work of art…

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