@VpopularChild You mean creating Vpop idols through domestic shows and sending them to Korea?


If SNSD had at least made that random switch a drop, it could have been better, but even then the change doesn’t seem to belong in the song.
I also remember in “Ngày Mai Em Đi,” the first time I ever listened to the 2017 remix I thought the bass would drop again. I love the song enough without a second drop, especially with the guitar being so good, but I was a little disappointed.
And the Masew mix of “Đường Một Chiều.” Transitioning to the rap section of the song, I sort of thought that the bass was going to drop despite there not being enough build-up for it to be proper, but thank GOD the drop that came after the rap. It was so good. I had to adjust a little to the next drop because it was the complete opposite of what I expected, but I love both drops equally (for the most part) now.
I bet there are a few more examples I should know about that I didn’t mention here, particularly because I’ve listened to examples of drop fakers that were much more vicious than the examples I remembered, but oh well. Hopefully I remember them later, if ever.
I don’t draft these paragraphs like at all forgive me


@VpopFan Oh, thank you so much for providing a possibility. This title was so beautiful, and having the original video which grossed over 15 million views deleted from YouTube saddens me. I wish the best for Suni, I loved her work. I wonder who’ll offer her and Juun Đăng Dũng an opportunity to pursue their art form again, or if they might even begin some independent projects…? I don’t know. I’m young, I don’t know all that much about the big world yet.

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