Have the Monday blues? Well, Mondays are now Mix It Up Mondays! The purpose of Mix It Up Mondays is to solve a couple of problems. First of all, I don’t nearly have enough time to write about everything in the Vietnamese music scene. So instead of writing about stuff, I am just going to post a random song that I like. This way I can share with you guys more high quality Vietnamese music. Secondly, I feel that I haven’t done a good enough job of covering the underground Vietnamese music scene. There are a lot of talented Vietnamese artists, DJs, and producers who are overlooked. Thus, I plan on using Mix It Up Mondays is a way to promote underground talent. Mix It Up Mondays will mainly feature works by lesser-known Vietnamese DJs, rappers, and singers. It will also focus on the less popular and more underground genres of music in Vietnam (e.g. rap, r&b, electronic music).

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