Happy Lunar New Year!!!

I would like to introduce everyone to the new forums here at VpopFan.

Why VpopFan?

I started blogging about Vietnamese pop (Vpop) music in late 2015 because no one else was doing it. I felt that there was a lack of respect, understanding, and positive representation of Vietnamese culture in the world. Therefore, I wanted to do something about it. As a person who loves listening to all types of music and learning about different cultures, I saw blogging about Vpop as a way to promote Vietnamese culture.

In my opinion, the two best ways to introduce and get someone excited about a foreign culture is through food and pop media. Although Vietnamese cuisine has become quite popular in recent years, there’s still a stigma associated with Vietnamese pop media. In promoting and selling Vpop to a more global audience, I wanted to show the world that Vietnamese people are capable of great things too. Vietnamese people have a bad habit of selling their own people short. “Don’t buy Vietnamese products,” they say. “Foreign made products are better,” they say. Ideas like these are often passed down to the younger generation who are constantly being told not to be Vietnamese in subtle ways. How come being light-skinned and looking Korean is considered the beauty standard? In America, there’s also the added pressure of fitting in or assimilating into American culture. This basically just means you are not supposed to be Vietnamese. Speak English, dress in American clothing, and consume American products. For me, VpopFan is a way for me to tell Vietnamese youth out there that it’s okay to embrace your Vietnamese identity.

Why a Vpop forum?

First of all, I hope this forum can act as a safe space for all Vpop fans to talk about everything Vietnamese that interest them. Far too often, Vpop fans are overshadowed by bigger and more popular fan bases (i.e. Kpop fans) making it difficult to promote Vpop. All fan bases have their biases. Unfortunately, those biases can generate unnecessary and unhealthy hostility.

Secondly, blogging about Vpop has taken quite a toll on me. I am only one person, and one person can only do so much. By having a forum, I can more easily put out more Vpop-related content without actually having to write a full blog post. Additionally, it gives other people the opportunity to voice their opinions and share what they like. Other people may not have the same taste in music as me. I tend to only write about things that I enjoy listening to myself. If I don’t like an artist (e.g. Hồ Ngọc Hà), then I sometimes choose not to talk about them because I have nothing nice to say. Don’t let me stop you from listening to what you like.

Thirdly, a single dedicated space for all Vpop fans to gather would be beneficial to everyone. I looked at all the existing places where Vpop discussions are taking place like Vpop Sub-Reddits, Vpop Discourse chat groups, Vpop Facebook groups, and old Asian pop music forums; and I found that they aren’t getting the job done. The Vpop community is far too niche and small right now to be spread thin across so many different platforms. United we stand, divided we fall. Or, some shit like that.