I can’t decide. The original is very slow, sad, it makes me feel empty…I love that, idk why. But I love the original. The girl’s voice, the lonely piano, the bass guitar-type sounds after the first verse…and then there’s a remix. By Masew. And it’s electronic. With super hot bass drops. And it’s still sad who woulda thunk!!! It begins with different piano vibes this time, and the girl’s voice sounds more static-y and distant. The rap with the violin, piano, and bass guitar is replaced with an electronic beat that still keeps the song moving. However, the final line is omitted: “Sợ ai đó sẽ lại sưởi ấm tim em thêm 1 lần nữa / Đừng mạnh mẽ em ơi, ở yên với anh là điều anh muốn,” or “Fearing someone will warm my heart again / Do not be strong, baby, stay with me is what you want.” Google Translate English but good enough lol
I’m in love with the original so badly I almost want to throw up over it
That’s super weird
But it’s the haps
God I’m in love
Also in Google Translate English the song title means “The Strange Things” so uh lemme go cry a river ;-;