I was just about to listen to “Em Đã Biết” when I discovered that when I typed into Google the title of the song, the MV wouldn’t show up. I even tried searching up the acoustic version, but nothing came up. “Em Đã Biết” is hands-down one of my favorite songs of all time, perhaps in my top 10, but seeing how I can’t find the original video anymore I am very disappointed. Very. I even tried looking up the channel that produced the MVs, DreamS Entertainment, but I can’t find their channel either, along with another song of Suni’s, “Đừng Về Trễ.” I’m confused and losing hope. I’m sort of wondering, did the channel fold? Just what happened?
I do always have nhac.vn, SoundCloud, and nhaccuatui to turn to for the music in its highest quality, but considering the quality of both MVs, it just won’t be the same.