Rough google translation from vietnamese to english, since it’s from a vietnamese site:

Overcoming these problems, Lip B, Uni5, LIME, … will be able to escape from life

This is also a weakness that hinders the way of Vietnamese art groups today but not everyone can recognize.

Compared to the Korean entertainment industry, the Vietnamese music group model is not as popular as solo activities. However, not being loved does not mean that the managers stop aspiring to create a top band. Each year passed, Vpop received a few new factors, mainly oriented in Kpop style. In the midst of the Hallyu wave that is invading the world today, this is judged to be a lucid, risky strategy but also a lot of opportunities. However, apart from 365 DaBand that once resonated outside the S-shaped territory, most of the current groups are struggling with their careers. The common cause comes from the style of Kpop is too saturated but the core problem lies in the self of each group.

Uni5 - Lip B: a hit

Chung a training facility - Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang companies, Uni5 and Lip B ensure many elements of a Korean-colored group such as: bright appearance, basic PR strategy, supporters all are characters of power, different styles (Uni5 is cool, goose, Lip B personality) but lack the most important factor is a big hit. While Uni5 has been operating for more than 3 years, there has not been a song that really resonates.

Zero9: exit the copy

From the time of debut, Zero Nhat Tue 9 was no different from a hot pot when borrowed Block B, BTS, Big Bang, … each group has a few colors, so that even their MVs are just the product of the work of no more no less. Referring to Zero 9 throughout 2018, apart from the phrase “disaster”, it seems that the “holy name” is more worthy. Not to mention, the group has pocketed a series of wild statements such as: “was oriented according to the concept of NCT 127 but was equated with BTS” or the mission “to bring hip hop to Vietnam”.

Zero 9 was born from scandal, so scandal is needed to maintain the hotness

From the end of 2018 until now, Zero 9 seems to have begun to fade. The group had their first live concert after only a few months of debut but were criticized superficially, inferior, the singers themselves were few and had to ask guests to “balance the team”. The group participated in the film but was neglected by BTC, despised. The Japanese monk Tue five times expressed his ambition to add 3 new members to complete the 9-man squad, but since Minkook members left the group so far, even antifan are lazy to care about "disaster "2018.

LIME: burden from the first music group released in Korea

LIME is created from a talent search program with cooperation between 2 Vietnamese - Korean units. Because of that, after the contest ended, the girls did not debut immediately but had to spend a short time as a short-term trainee at a Korean entertainment company. LIME is also the first group to be released in parallel in both Vietnamese and Korean markets, while also noticing when it appeared on “I Can Heart Your Voice”, practicing airing with Wonder Girl.

Basically, LIME is no different from a girlgroup Kpop from fashion style, makeup to the way of performing MV by training and management by a Korean company. This advantage helps LIME not be assigned copy and stretch marks like the case of Lip B but in return, the group is under pressure from the high expectations of domestic audiences. LIME can sing, dance, but the music that the group pursues is too rampant in the land of kimchi. In this situation, many viewers choose to listen to pure Korean music rather than watching a Vietnamese music group but are more similar to Kpop. The appeal of LIME fades with each year is so.

LIME is expected by the audience so high that the performance of the group has not been recognized properly

The Air: faded style

Although slightly “throbbing” but there will be many spectators now bewildered when asked about The Air - a group of music selected and trained by Luk Van. The group debuted in mid-2017 with the initial lineup of 5 members but brings 3 nationalities: Vietnam - Taiwan - Korea.

Different from the many boygroups that are active in Vpop, The Air since debut has fandom, lightstick, especially trained and oriented in both areas of singing and acting. This is the reason that before being introduced as a band, The Air had a short film project called “The Micro Boyfriend Association”. Particularly in the music segment, Luk Van is confident “chicken house” is the first boy group to pursue ballad music.

The problem is that, The Air does not shape a style, it is not like Kpop is not pure Vietnamese. So, in mid-2018, The Air had to break up to 3 members (including 2 foreign pieces) and despite adding 2 new elements with bright and bright appearance, the group still didn’t have any Which music products are really impressive.

The Air version is confident that the only male group Vpop has 4 members are all over 1m8 but it is also the only characteristic that the audience remembers the “chicken” of Luk Van

Compared to the above competitors, it seems that the current MONSTAR road is the most stable. The group that had been through the hard times when the most famous member was also the lead vocalist Erik left the group, many years without hit, but since adding Gray-D, this is the rare boygroup of Vpop. self-composed, self-expressing, even participating in the production of music videos.

Talking about the music that MONSTAR is pursuing, it is a bit like Soul R&B, which is picky to listeners but is favored by many Kpop solo singers. This is considered a bold test step of the “manager” Aiden when he dares to “cheat” to pursue new things, to escape the thinking of the current group’s way of running is to follow familiar hip hop or ballad. Moreover, just like Aiden is proud, MONSTAR - especially Gray-D has good music thinking, civilized writing and is increasingly avoiding the temptation of standing in showbiz as scandal.

However, like the general status of 3rd generation groups, MONSTAR still needs a big hit to reach the audience. Recent group songs like “Baby I Told You”, “Hold on to what”, “If you break up tomorrow” or “BADADU” are worth listening to, but not enough to “live long”, creating trend among young people. Evenly, the members identify specific roles and colors of music, perhaps MONSTAR still needs more luck to be able to rise to the top group.